fishbone house

Like its wave-smoothed, water-molded locale on a time-shaped shore of sandstone, the organic modern design of the Fishbones House has been formed by the flow of water, weather and light. This design was also an important milestone in Blue Sky’s evolution, as many of its ideas and principles shaped subsequent work. The inspiration for these innovations starts with the sensuality of this sandstone shore, and the fluidity of the ocean channel it defines. The site is a long thin strip of land on the northwest coast of Galiano Island, in British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands. The southwest side of the ocean view site is bounded by the roundly layered sandstone shelves and the fast moving waters of Trincomali Channel. The northeast side rises sharply up a heavily forested bank to capture eastern light, providing a link to the road. At the north end of the site, a small point of arbutus and sandstone juts into the channel.