gadsby house

The site for this island residence is beside a rocky beach in a subdivision of holiday homes on Hornby Island. The north facing lots are relatively narrow, and all houses are crowded by the seashore for ocean views and light. The clients wanted an economical holiday home that they would eventually retire to. Their directive was for no curves in plan or form, although they wanted their home to be ‘unpredictable and hold surprise.’

The siting of the house angled from the shoreline rather than parallel to the ocean, so that its foreground views were up and down the rocky beach, which is constantly transformed by 17-foot tides. Another advantage to this siting is that no views are towards the close neighbouring houses. Capturing and balancing sunlight, while exploring the magnificent beach views to the north and east was achieved by a series of courtyards and garden rooms externally, and skylights and atrium internally.